Make Online Payroll Work for your Small Business

*SCORE 2015 Report on small business management.

*SCORE 2015 Report on small business management.

There has to be a better, faster, easier way to do payroll, right? Of course there is—online payroll!

Using an online payroll service allows business owners to get payroll done and still have time for work. It’s also a great solution for improving payroll accuracy, without learning loads of specialized payroll skills.

How do you know if online payroll is right for your company? Start by answering these questions:

  • Do you run a business with 5-25 employees?
  • Do you have regular weekly or monthly paydays?
  • Do your business responsibilities fill your schedule and keep you on the go?

If you answered YES to more than one question, then online payroll can simplify your payday tasks and help keep your employees happy. With the Bookkeepers Plus online payroll solution, we can provide local support to make sure everything is tailored to fit your business and every payday runs smoothly!

Find out how you can put online payroll to work for your business. Contact me today!

Tony Solgard, a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, is president of Bookkeepers Plus, located in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs, Florida, and providing bookkeeping services to businesses nationwide. His blog helps business owners understand why accounting details are important and to educate them (or whoever they assign to the bookkeeping function) on how to do it right. The blog offers accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management tips, points you toward small business financial resources, and gives a shout out to small businesses with financial success stories. It discusses the pros and cons of using QuickBooks as well as provides tips to maximize your use of QuickBooks.